DRACULA By Bram Stoker

Adapted by Steven Deitz
As produced at Arizona Theater Company, 1995

Music composed by Roberta Carlson

Music engineering by Jeff Ladd

Sound Design adapted by Scott W. Edwards

The score comes on 1 audio CD, comprising of 85 separate cues.

The sound effects come on 1 audio CD, comprising of 58 separate cues.

The CD’s are not designed to be used in the actual running of performances. You will need to transfer the audio to other playback devices such as other CD’s, mini-discs, open reel tape players, or a computer running software such as Stage Research’s SFX or QLab. It will take 3 playback machines to run the show if you are not using SFX or QLab. This is due to the large number of overlapping cues.

Included in the package is a complete set of cue sheets, or you can download them here.

Dracula Cue Sheets for sound effects
Dracula Cue Sheets for music

Music and sound effect royalities are per performance. Please indicate number of performances in the "Quantity box"
Music: $60.00 per performance

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Sound effects: $40.00 per performance

Complete show (music and sound effects)
$100.00 per performance.
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