Cue 2 P.9 Lights up on Renfield

Cue 3 P.14 “the cold air was pierced by the thrilling call of wolves” Cut off by a wolf howl at “the dead travel fast”

Cue 8 P.18 underscore for Harker’s speech. Play thru until bottom of page 21

Cue 30 P.43 Dracula: "in the good hands of the loving Carpathian people!"

Cue 32 P.44 Top of ActII

Cue 58 P.76 Van Helsing: "to the lair of the count!"

Cue 64 P.80 Mina kisses Dracula


Sound effects


Cue 1 P.9 manic laughter and screaming

Cue 8 P.18 thunder: Dracula is revealed

Cue 39 P.41 breathing and hissing: Vixens appear.

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